Know America?

With all that's happening in America today, it's become obvious that many young people are lacking a basic understanding of American History and Civics! You may have some in your own family that weren't taught important information in school as many states don't require the classes! Are your family members among the under-informed?

Previously, students had to pass tests on American History to be promoted to the next grade. Would you like to know how your kids (or you) measure up? 

Do your children or grandchildren know America? Do they know our history? Do they know its principles? Do you?

We provide basic tests, for home use to evaluate yourself or your posterity on knowledge of American History and our founding principles. Other subjects and courses may be added later. 

Who We Aren't 

While this effort was conceived by educators, we are not connected with testing companies. We don't provide training on how to pass standardized tests.

Who are we?

We are educators and patriots who are concerned with the lack of historical and civic knowledge in the United States. One problem we noticed is that many don't know what they don't know and even fewer can evaluate what their children know. 

Start a test

The tests are labelled by grade level, so they correspond to what students should have learned about American History by the end of that grade. They are based on historical tests and some state standards.